E-books for Free – Part 1
E-books have come a long way since their inception. The modern technological world has modernised the methods of reading making the process more simple and affordable for the bibliophiles. We at BookHungama provide many e-books such as Marathi ebooks, English ebooks and Hindi eboooks. We also provide audio books. Bookhungama is that unique app which is an ebook reader app as well as an audio book app. E-Books have many advantages. They are cheaper, they can be carried wherever and whenever the readers wants them to be carried, they save a lot of paper and hence are eco-friendly and you can carry as many e-books as you want. Now imagine what if you get these e-books for free? Yes! Bookhungama has provided many interesting free e-books on it’s website for the reading community. Anything free (especially a book) is always fun to have, isn’t it?
Have a look through the list and decide which ones you want to grab your hands on
1. Srujan Khaugalli Visheshank – Neha Kulkarni
Food is one of basic necessities of human beings. We all love food, don’t we? Some people love it so much that they plan their day surrounding their meals. Some of them love to eat while some love to cook food. The foodie world is colourful with great fragrances and awesome flavours. All these elements have come together in this e-book where our lady Neha Kulkarni lists down recipes of some mouth-watering dishes. This ebook is not only for people who love to cook or who don’t know how to cook but also for those who simply love food and to relish it. Along with recipes this ebook also provides interesting information and trivias about many food items.
Imagine getting all the delicious recipes for free!
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2. Mind + Body – Aaron Dunlap
Don’t we all love that tinge of thrill we feel while reading mystery stories? Well this ebook will definitely give you that thrill and enthral your mind and body. The story revolves around a teenage protagonist - Chris Baker, his journey and all the uncanny situations he finds himself in.
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So ladies and gentlemen it’s time to seize these free ebooks, get your Kindle, curl up in your favourite corner and read it out!
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