Full functionality office management software
Location: Pune - Maharashtra
Date Posted: 15 Febrero
Full Office and Business Management Software (All Divisions) in one product which saves time and budget. Now Easily Manage and Control Your Office at Any Time Any Where. Manage your employees, accounts data, business transactions, customer’s details, vendors report, sales and purchase in just one click. Connect your clients as well as employees easily.
Features of the product are
• Roles Management and Access levels.
• Automatic Report Generation
• Security of Data
• Accurate Data
• Time Saving
• Automatic Mailing System
• Appointment and Event Management
• Leave Management
• Attendance Management
• File Sharing
• Management of all departments (HR, Sales etc)
• Daily Report Management
• Task Management
• Chat (Group Chat and Individual Chatting)
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Biz Integrated, 5th Floor, F wing, K K Market Complex, Satara Road, Dhankawadi, Pune, Maharashtra, Pune, Maharashtra
shesha mohanty
shesha mohanty

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