What makes users open your emails? What are their traits or authenticities? These questions are important to ask yourself if you want your email campaign successful or have higher email open rates.

Someone said Email Marketing is science while some believe it is artistic folk.

In our belief it is both, science because email marketing is often based on research, hypothesis, and logic, and as well as attaining glare (art) helps in making it more appealing.

A well-designed email encourages viewers to learn more! So, then is it a well-designed email structure that puts email readers at first to open emails?

Hmmm! Maybe and maybe not.

In email marketing, Open Rates quietly refers to the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers.

Pretty much it is proximate to exam qualification. Out of heavy numbers of email lists who actively open your emails and actually put the time to read and encourage you to take action.

If the maximum number of email lists open your emails then probably it is a good sign or you could say your opt-in users are interested in your email subjects.

According to the research, companies brutally send newsletter-type emails as it is the most popular type of email with over 80% of open rates.

In case you’re email marketing practice struggling to achieve higher open rates or want to save your time and research – you would love to see these top 10 tricks that will boost your email open rates.

In simple words, we’ve mentioned ten easy ways to improve your email open rates or delivery rates.

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